How to play Midwest Poker League

MWPL is free to play. Play whenever, wherever and as often as you like.

Players will start out each game with 1500 chips. Players have the option to get 500 chip add-ons from the bar by purchasing a $5 bar tabs. Players may purchase as many of these bar tabs as they like before and up to and including first break. If you get knocked out before break you have the option to rebuy back in at what ever $5 incriment you wish.
(see host).

Nightly winners and sometimes 2nd or 3rd place will win prizes from the bar. Points and will qualify you for our end of season (12 week) tournaments. Once qualified for any or all of our end of season tournaments, you will have a shot at the big money. Prizes are based on weekly player participation. The more players that play the larger the prize pool for end of season tournaments.

Ways to Qualify and Win Additional Prizes

End of Season Tournaments
Newly added is our End of Season Tournaments. Starting the weekend before our Main Event/Battle of the Bars Weekend all of our bars will hold their own tournaments. Any player has played at that bar will be qualified for BAR X's End of Season Tournament. Starting stacks for the EOS are determined by how well you play there. Every Win at BAR X = 500 chips, 2nd = 250 and 3rd on = 100. Players must have a minimum of a 100 chip starting stack in order to participate in BAR X's EOS. Players are limited to a $20 limit of Addons with NO REBUYS. Players will be playing for a cash prize ranging between $50-$100.

MWPL Main Event
All it takes to qualify is *2 WINS or 1 WIN & 2 SECONDS. We payout a maximum of 8 places.
*1 Win to qualify for locations that are out of network.

Battle of the Bars
Play in this unique teamed poker tournament. You and another player will team up and play against other teams. You will switch out periodically and play a full blind level or two. Then your partner sits in and plays. You only have one stack of chips so you and partner will have to work together to keep gaining chips and maintaining your stack. (see BOB Rules and Structure) In order for you to participate in Battle of the Bars you and your teammate must both be qualified for the Main Event.

Midwest Poker League is totally legal and designed for players that want to have fun.
Come out and patronize the bars that have the games.